Everything Records is a unique collective of artists of all kind. They specialize in, but are not limited to art direction, video, music, clothing, film, as well as various different mediums of avant-garde performance. Everything Records resources pull from a talented core of visual artists, musicians, writers, and curators. More info:

I am the impeccable dream of a talented mixologist and an ingenious DJ. They have joined their mutual passion and extended knowledge about partying, mixing drinks and most of all, their innovative skills. I am the sweet and explosive introduction of a tropical heritage. I dare you to get nuqed because they give you the best of both worlds. Taste me in an easy mix like orange juice, energy drink, 7UP or coke. If not, let the bartender make you a special nuqtail. Taste the tropical chemistry.

The Zoological Lighting Institute™ celebrates biodiversity enhancement efforts in architecture. Biodiversity is often the forgotten arena of sustainability, though there are very specific architectural challenges to address. The Zoological Lighting Institute™ focuses upon photobiology research support (providing scholarships, grants and post-doctorates), educational programs, and environmental advocacy.