As a Creative Consultancy for artists and special event projects, JP Koler offers a wide range of services without compromising integrity or innovation. Those include:

  • Artist Booking and Tour Management
    JP Koler has a talent support team that specializes in providing artist bookings, on the ground support, and tour management services around the world; such as location scouting, production coordination, hospitality management, transportation arrangement, promotional assistance, and liaising between performers, promoters, and venues to organize successful events.
  • Brand Development and Marketing
    By creating and implementing effective global marketing strategies, JP Koler has the ability to help talented individuals and business ventures expand existing names, products, and services, as well as launch new products and brands.
  • Campaign Development
    Based on the need of the client, JP Koler thoroughly researches, develops, and manages both long and short term campaign strategies for artists and projects, and oversees all aspects of the campaign for a minimum of 1 year. This includes developing positive relationships on behalf of the client, by cultivating, soliciting, and serving as the liaison for and between clients and major contributors and partners.
  • Event Management and Promotion
    JP Koler prides itself in providing expert yet affordable event support and coordination from concept development to final execution.  Via our production partners, JP Koler is able to instill the perfect team tailored for each project that will deliver our services with due diligence, professionalism, and top notch customer service.
  • Service Journalism and Social Media Support
    With a full service Media Content department, JP Koler provides broadcasting and journalism services to world-wide media outlets in the form of audio description, video production, voiceover work, press releases, featured articles, live interviews, and “live on-the-scene” correspondence.