JP Koler was founded on the simple belief that ‘together we can accomplish more’.

Because we equally believe in the power of the arts and the importance of showcasing cultural diversity, supporting Arts & Culture Entertainment is at the core of what we do at JP Koler.

JP Koler strives to always be a positive force in bringing arts and culture to life, by customizing solutions that help our clients build and globally expand their brands. From creative consultancy, to marketing campaigns, event production and more, JP Koler – with the assistance of our partners, seamlessly combines effort and energy to create, launch, and foster successful projects. By creating custom strategies for each client and every project, we are ensured to not only successfully achieve our goals but surpass their expectations as well.

JP Koler holds global expertise from decades of experience in the entertainment industry. This gives us a unique advantage when connecting people, products, and services, worldwide. Our projects aren’t “clients we work for” but “partners we work with”.

Our core values are; supporting independent artists, entrepreneurship, small business, giving back to local communities and raising social awareness. Because “together we can accomplish more.